Terms of rent

1. DRIVER AGE. The leassee-driver of the vehicle is required to have reached a minimum age of 23 years.

2. DRIVING LICENSE. The leassee – driver is required to be in possession of a legal driving license valid in Greece with a date of issue at least 1 year before the date of the lease agreement.

3. PAYMENT METHODS. Payment is made in cash or by debit or credit card.

4. MINIMUM RENTAL . One day (24 hours). Two (2) hours following the expire of the 24-hour rental, a one-day surcharge will be charged.

5. FINES – PENALTIES. All fines-penalties incurred during the lease are borne exclusively by the lessee.

6. SAFETY. City Car Rentals renters are insured with third party insurance for death and personal injuries. All City Car Rentals cars are insured with mixed insurance with a € 600 exemption in the event of an accident. The renter may reduce the exemption from € 600 to € 200 upon payment of the amount of € 10 per day of rental.

6.1 Insurance companies do not compensate [even in the above-mentioned cases of reduced or total liability for the rental of a leased vehicle’s own liability] in the following cases.

– If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics

– When driving off-road

– If the vehicle is driven by a driver other than the leasee specified in the contract

– If the damage is due to a violation of traffic laws [i.e. running a red light, STOP sign, illegal overtaking, illegal parking etc.]

– Interior vehicle damage, key loss or damage and theft of personal effects from the vehicle is not covered.

7. PICKUP- DROP OFF. Pickup and drop off of rental cars at the port and airport of Mytilene is free of charge at any time. Car pickup and drop off can be done at your hotel for free, up to 30 km from Mytilene. In any other case, please contact us.

8. SECOND DRIVER. A second driver can be included in the rental contract free of charge.

9. FUEL. Upon termination of the lease, the driver must return the vehicle with the original amount of fuel that existed at the beginning of the lease. When returning the vehicle with less fuel than at the beginning of the contract, the driver is obliged to pay for the amount of the missing fuel.

10. CHILD SEAT. At the request of the leasee, one (1) child seat is provided free of charge.

11. TRANSPORT BY SHIP. Only with the written approval of City Car Rental.

12. TYPE OF CARS. Reservations do not refer to a specific type of car, but to any type of car belonging to the particular category of reservation.

13. TAXES. Rental rates include statutory taxes.